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Bahrain, Bhutan, British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar (Burma), Qatar, Russia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Jersey, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Réunion, Turkey, Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, South Sudan, Sudan, Turks & Caicos Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Based on 69 reviews
An Impressive Budget Keyboard

I am a novice when it comes to custom keyboards. Prior to purchasing the C96 Dimension C, I was using a Keychron K2 (version 2) keyboard, which is great for productivity. In terms of gaming, it left a little to be desired. This one, however, offers impressive tactile feedback and very satisfying input notes when depressing the keys. It is very weighty and is a great showpiece for any PC gaming setup. Paired with the right custom coiled USB C cable, it can be an item of discussion and envy. At its price point, it can be a great entry point into the world of custom keyboards and may start an obsession with modding and buying more.

A mini keyboard where you can enjoy knobs and sliders at the same time

The DK65 keyboard has both knobs and sliders, which were previously unseen on mini keyboards. In particular, since it is placed on the left side, it can be used very conveniently. The combination of the mini keyboard, knobs and sliders is really satisfying.

The cutest mini keyboard in the world

The CL80 is a cute, low-profile keyboard that has never been seen before. It is a mini keyboard that is best suited for tablet PCs and goes well with various low-profile keycaps.

Very good

I bought this keyboard, and the evergreen one. both of them are fantastic and built very well.

love love love this keyboard

merry christmas to me. best present for myself! this keyboard is so beautiful and retro, and the knobs are a cute touch. the sound of the gold reds is like gentle rain falling on a window. so pleasant. highly recommend!

Good Job, MIKIT

its unbeatable. It has everything I would ask for. REALLY handy when I got my hands on it. Experience in unboxing and daily use is fresh and unique.
Would recommend it to someone who would like to add some color to their desk.
Good Job, MIKIT

Incredibly comfortable, worth the money

Great keyboard for the price. One thing to note is that the "Holy Panda" switch option does not actually come with DROP Holy Pandas but rather TTC Heroic Pandas which feel similar and are very nice on the hands.

To be honest, the quality is absolutely perfect at this price level. The switches and feeling overall is very good, worth every penny. Only thing comes to my attention is that its abit hard to read on the blue keycaps.

Its just my type of design! Green is my love all the time. Feel sturdy and smooth. Gotta mention it is a pleasure to unbox it

I have left it the cart for so long and I finally bought it!!@ The size is just perfect, very nice to use in office.

Cherry Stabs, modding friendly. Perfect product, can't say more.

unique design

The first sight I am already in love with this keyboard. Its indeed a keyboard with a unique design.

What a cutiie

Cute, pleasure to type, but majorly because my husband bought me this XD. It is a relatively small keyboard and will need some time to get used to it.

The looking is just too good.... I thought there will be differences between the pics and the real thing, but the keyboard is really nice when I actually see it, as well as put my hand on it.

TOO Gorgeous. The feeling is ACE. Wireless connection is quite smooth.

The size is good.

I personally think it is a keyboard more for office work, mostly because of the size. But still, a very special design.

I am in love with it....

The switches are special. I don't know very much about the keyboard, but I am in love with it. Literally makes me love typing now.

More color please

If you are not a 'traditional mechanical' fan, and the membrane keyboard is not good enough, then this is your choice. There ain't many low-profile keyboards out there. The functionality, the price, and the switches are totally worth it. The only suggestion is to make more variable color themes.

So far so good

The board is light, nice looking. The important thing is the layout makes sense and is reasonable for me. Very good details. Not sure about the battery life, but so far so good.

The color!!!!!

Such a purple baby (I LOVE the color)! Nice look, space friendly, and smooth wireless connection.

Very good-looking

Where should I start with? It is a very good-looking keyboard. Myself did a bit mod to it but it was already a top-notch keyboard

Worth it

Totally worth the price. Even it is my first time with low-profile I love it.


The vintage look is a plus for me. Would be nicer if the rotary handles are rubber.

Solid Build, but Pricier than I'd Like

The keyboard is a nice 96% keyboard for those who want an entry-level mechanical keyboard with hot swap sockets. Nice options for the switches, but beyond that it seems like a pain to mod.

If you're wanting a basic wireless keyboard with an attractive colorway, this is a definite option.

Best keyboard I have ever used

perfect keyboard in every way


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