Throughout the steady and deliberate growth, we have never lost sight of our original standards of design and innovation on which MIKIT was founded.

Through a commitment to the ongoing process of discovery and a culture of quality, MIKIT strives to make the best keyboards possible and to serve our customers, suppliers, and community with distinction.

We strive to make the kind of keyboard that speaks to you as soon as you type on it. We believe that keyboards that make this kind of intimate connection come only from talented designers who love the long, painstaking process of creation as much as the resulting keyboards. At MIKIT, we love keyboards. We type, we compare, we analyze, and we debate.

And we evolve. One constant over the entire history is changing, the desire to make our already fine keyboards a bit more responsive. On MIKIT, we've revised and improved a lot of things. Other improvements may be subtle, and some are unseen, but they matter. They add up.

If the design and implementation of a keyboard are done with care in a meticulous fashion, the keyboard can be much greater than the sum of its parts. We work daily to ensure that when you pull a new MIKIT keyboard out of the box, it will provide you with delight.

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